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Friendly Urls and DotNetNuke

Since swapping over to UrlMaster and logging the pages that result in a 404, I’ve noticed a few requests to

This project (and url) was some early work that I produced in DotNetNuke 2-4. It converted the old non-friendly urls (?tabid=233) into something that rewrote the parameters inside the normal url path (/tabid/233/).

This work was done in the provider model and I offered a 3rd party provider for it. Eventually this work was incorporated into the core and that is the reason it is no longer offered as a download on this page.

If you want friendlier urls today, my best recommendation is to use UrlMaster by iFinity. It’s what I use on this site and has support for custom providers for individual modules:

If you are a module developer and want to create a new plugin to UrlMaster, make sure you read the following:

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