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Entries for May 2005

Users Online Sub-Project

Users Online is now a Sub-Project! I'll be leading development in this area and recruiting members from the general community. I have identified the following items:- Development of a comprehensive document explaining the Users Online ...

Google Jump

How well is your site indexed? My site had about 940 pages indexed a few days ago, I checked today and now it's 3400. I think Will's forum does a great job ( and I think the news articles module does OK too. Maybe the reorga...

Preview Mode

A lot of my customers dislike the real estate that the top command bar takes up, I always thought that preview mode when activate should shrink the entire bar, just to a small sentance, what do you think?

Poll Module

This is what a poll module should look like:-   It should have:- # of Votes % of Votes List of Past Votes What's the best poll module for DotNetNuk...

Interesting DotNetNuke Blog

Here is an interesting DotNetNuke blog (Nocturnal from the forums) for those blog readers out there:- I still think would be immensely popular, maybe when the blog module matures ...


You should now see that is now running 3.1! Some of the enhancements that I know of in the latest version:- Web Farm Support! Module enhancements (renaming of modules, etc) Bug Fixes Some of my personal contribut...


Got an interesting mail today, hmm! Hello Scott, I found your profile on the web.  If you’re interested in working for Microsoft and can relocate to Redmond, WA, please respond by emailing me a Word version of your resume along w...

Decision Update!

The other day I posted about some upcoming decisions that I would have to face. You can read it here. I'm still in deliberations with my part time employee, but one thing is sure, I'll be sorting out more and more time to work on this site! :)

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